Best Websites to Sell Your Art Online 💰20 sites

Best Websites to Sell Your Art Online 💰20 sites

Welcome back to my channel. In the last
video I talked about 24 different ways how you could make money as an artist
and I have received overwhelmingly amount of feedbacks like comments shares
and likes and also I was given a lot of tips like I have used this site it was
good or how much I paid for that site I’d like to continue talking about
this topic because obviously making money is an important part of creative
lifestyle. I know that it’s important to have all the possibilities possible
therefore I’m not ruling anything out I think I’m building one of the most
complete list of websites where you can sell your art and art prints. And this
time I will bring you 20 more and those websites again and it’s not a sponsored
video. I will list them purely on the alphabetical order so I’m not
prioritizing one over another I will just show you from my research and my
own honest opinion there are some sites are paid some are quite expensive as
well not all free like in the last video so this is purely optional you
will find something that are better for your needs and maybe it is worthwhile
paying them. Okay without further ado let’s get into it
Number 1 Amazon I’m sure you know Amazon and Amazon has a special section
for art called ‘Amazon Art’ launched in 2013 that is only a section for very
very famous and well established artists like Andy Warhol and contemporary
masters as an emerging artist you don’t get a chance to work in the Amazon Art
section but you can sell in the home and kitchen section I know it sounds very
odd like kitchen but it’s just home and decor, it’s the way they call it and you
can sell it as long as you have a UPC code for your item it’s like the bar
code like ISBN for the books you need that to associate your product to that
listing. I don’t really know how it works but if you are willing to check it out
and spend some time I’m pretty sure you will be able to sell your art on Amazon
home and kitchen section. Number 2 Artfire Art Fair is an Arizona-based
marketplace to artisan goods of all kinds, in many ways it’s like Etsy
They charge a monthly seller starting from 4.95 and the $0.23 listing
feet per item if you pay 20 per month they will waive the listing per item and
you can list for free up to 1000 items Numbers 3 ArtPal. ArtPal is a free
website is a online gallery with POD services integrated you can sell
originals, prints and you can also sell with their print on demand services no
membership fee, no Commission, no exclusivity and their slogan is: start
selling in minutes fast and free to sell your art only on ArtPal there are
currently 130,000 artists working with ArtPal. So it’s a very very crowded
already although it is a relatively new platform so one of the thing is that if
you want to stand out you need to pay them to promote you because if they
don’t charge any Commission like right so is how they make money
Number 4 ArtPlease. ArtPlease is an online gallery with careful selection of
artists and artworks it has offices in New York, Mallorca, for those of you who
does know where’s Mallorca, check it out and Prague. They’re looking for the
finest works by the most enduring figures in art as well as cutting edge
pieces by emerging artists. Wow that’s a statement you can submit your work and
you can wait for them to get back to you and discuss the fees and stuff so it’s
like case by case and there are not a lot of like a very transparent information
about the numbers so I cannot provide you with the numbers right now
Number 5 Artplode. Artplode is again online gallery with no commissions
however there is a relatively high fee to list your art, so it’s a $60 per
artwork but the listing is not taken off the shelf as long as you don’t take it
off so if you want, you can just list you art there for a long time but if
you have many many artworks to list $60 per work it’s just so much more
expensive than any other platforms like its Etsy like Art Fire like Art Fire
$0.23 come on like $60 vs. 23 cents Number 6 Art Storefronts. Art Storefronts
is an online art business solution for photographers and artists. As a
artist you pay Art Storefronts to build your own art gallery so I would say if you
need a website you need a eStore you can go to Art Storefronts to let them build
one for you but it’s not cheap I talked to one artist who worked with art
storefronts he just paid the fee that is a once off $2,500 fee to work with art
storefronts I would say it’s too expensive for many artists they claim that once you
work with them you can have $10K-20K per year revenues thanks to their
technology and package and services it’s your choice, I would say $2500 is
definitely too much. Number 7 CafePress It’s an old timer, founded in 1999 it is an
American online retailer of user customized on-demand products when it
was founded there was not even print on demand as like industry yet it was just
serving individual customers who wanted their dog cat and baby picture printed
on mugs but once they provided the print on demand services it really grew very
fast and it’s scaled. So one cool feature launched in 2011: there is a fan
portal that allows you to create fan art they had made a contract with
Universal Pictures so if you want to create for example E.T. related
merchandising you can and you can do it with fan portal. They will not sue you for
any copyright infringement because Cafepress has already existing
agreement with those brands those copyright holders you can see the list
and if you are interested definitely don’t miss the fan portal. Number 8
Catawiki. Catawiki is a Dutch company founded in 2008 it’s an online auction
platform for buying and selling all kinds of arts crafts and antiques. One
of the founders was a comic collector so I guess he knew very well the customers
purchasing psychology behind. Catawiki was originally in Dutch but then made in
English French German Spanish Italian and Chinese. For those of you who want
to speak your own language I guess it’s a convenience
it is like the European version of eBay for art and collectibles. Number 9
Displate. Founded in 2013 Displate is a Warsaw based manufacturer
specializing in creating metal posters it’s like the Society6 but specialized
in metal posters they have their own factory you can see the quality is quite
amazing and you set the commission and you’d like to receive as an artist and
they will work out the price for you It has over 30,000 artists from all over
the world providing 600,000 artworks to collectors. There’s no fee you can sign up
for free and upload at least 8 artworks to start with so that they know
you are serious as an artist you have at least 8 works. I think is not too much
to ask and one fun fact the highest monthly payout to one artist in 2018 is
24 thousand US dollars so I guess they do pay serious money. Number 10 eBid
eBid is an online auction website founded in December 1998 eBid operates
in 23 countries is like the eBay but eBid It allows sellers to sell antiques arts
books cars and baby stuff. Number 11 eCrater. Founded in 2004 eCrater is an
online marketplaces and e-commerce website builder based in California so
imagine a virtual shopping mall where you can have your customers visiting
your store in that mall that is pretty much like eCrater. It’s very similar to
the art storefronts in many ways but it’s free and you just pay 2.9% commission
fee after a product is sold if you want a premium positioning you need to pay a
fee for them to promote you again this is very similar to many other sites you
pay to promote. Number 12 eBay collective. Launched in 2016 eBay
collective is a section of eBay like the equivalent of Amazon Art is the
world-class collectibles high quality antiques and stunning art right from the
comfort of your couch. eBay collective is more like special store specialized
for interior designers, architects and the high-end customers I don’t think
it’s made for average consumers like Society6 if you think that your art and
your crafts are suitable to sell on eBay collective check them out. Number 13
Etsy I’m sure you know what is Etsy but in case if you don’t know everything I
will just quickly brush it through Founded in 2005 Etsy is an ecommerce
website focused on handmade or vantage items and craft supplies those
items fall under a very wide range of categories and my problem with them is
that it was too wide like you can have drop shipping stuff, print on demand
stuff and very high-end handmade stuff like I think the scale is bit too high
and it’s not neat enough but it’s a very very big player in the market the site
has over 60 million items for sale at any given time, not 6 million okay 60
million if you want to stand out among 60 million items is very difficult today
because the market is quite saturated just to start from zero Etsy is very
hard to compete. Number 14 fine art America this is also one of the very
popular sites among our followers on Instagram I had received many artists
messaging saying that they use fine art America founded in 2006 in Chicago
Fine Art America is one of the world biggest print on demand website and
marketplace there are over 500,000 artists selling on the sites the
standard account is free and the premium account costs $30 a year. $30 a year is
not too bad it’s quite affordable so if you want to sell with them I think it’s
worth it to get 30 a year premium accounts artists can set their own
margin well for America fulfills the orders for you. Number 15 online gallery
art I don’t even know how to call them because their name is Online gallery dot
art like so generic so descriptive Founded in 2010 online gallery is a
Dutch online gallery I mean how can I put it that allows artists to create
sites within their sites again this is very similar to many other sites
I mentioned in this video it’s not to innovative is a huge site where you can
have your own like sub sites within and it’s very cheap the cheaper basic plan
cost 1.95 euro a month and the standard plan costs 4.95 a month it’s a smaller
company with European clientele so if you would like to enter the European
market with very little competition I guess you know this could be a
potential option for you. Number 16 Shopvida and they call themselves Vida and
that they are like you know very sensual very like spiritual. ShopVida is an
online boutique for artists and designers It’s a high-end version of Society6 it’s
free to join however they ask for exclusivity of that product of your
choice. If you want to sell on shopvida for example a scarf you can only sell
scarfs on shopVida of that specific design you cannot sell on Society6 or any
other site anymore not even your own website so that’s exclusivity for that
specific item. But you can still sell t-shirts or any other kind of art prints
or stuff there is no exclusivity for other kind of products only for the
specific product a shopVida you just get in touch with their representative
and they will send you instructions Number 17 Storenvy founded in 2010 in
New York is an ecommerce platform which consists of a online store builder and a
social marketplace it has over 65,000 brands and millions of products listed
it’s like the free version of Etsy I like the social marketplace positioning
in the market I don’t think any other people like Etsy eCrater I don’t think
that I have seen anyone has a social value like Storenvy so in that case if
your art has any environmental social aspects go with them is a very good choice
Number 18 Singulart funded in 2017 Singulart is a very
young online art gallery based in Paris they are like the real gallery but in
the online form. They select well-established artists from all over
the world and curate the content for their
high-end collectors you can apply you can get in touch but it’s their decision
to go with you or not so you don’t really have a say that’s why I say it’s
like a real gallery right they have a very rigid selection process so if you
think that you want to give a shot get in touch but don’t have high hopes
because they are very picky. Number 19 Teespring. Founded in 2011 Teespring is a
free ecommerce platform that allows you to sell customized products without
upfront costs you can set the margin as your artists payout and you get a
100% of that. So it’s very much like Displate for those of you
who don’t want to do IT staff to link your store with the POD service
provider then Teespring is like a one-stop shop and without upfront costs
so maybe it’s a good option for you Number 20 Zazzle. Founded in 2005
Zazzle is an online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their
own products with independent manufacturers so in this case is more
like printify than printful for those of you to know the difference you can check out
on the internet or in the video I will drop in a link in the description below
about POD and stuff basically printful is a company that prints stuff for you
but Printify is like Airbnb of different companies that printed stuff
for you so Zazzle works with independent manufacturers maybe it is
disadvantage for you maybe it’s an advantage you can check them out you can
be an artist designer by uploading your own designs you can become a maker
if you make your own physical products or associate promoting Zazzle using
referal links so you can make money by promoting Zazzle not necessarily making
your own stuff so Zazzle is also very trending I know many artists are using
Zazzle so it’s like less saturated than Etsy so if you want to give a try
go and check them out Now you have heard the 20 different websites where you can sell
your art as an independent artist designer craftman entrepreneur there
are many other choices out there but I think with the 24 plus 20 today
with 46 methods it’s already a handful I probably will
make another video if there are new changes or new websites being founded
being discovered and if you have any suggestions advice or you would like to
share your experience working with one of the sites make sure you drop me a
comment below thank you very much for your support and for your time
See you in the next video

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