Basic English Grammar – Find the 5 mistakes!

Basic English Grammar – Find the 5 mistakes!

Hi. My name is Rebecca. In today’s lesson,
you are going to have a chance to correct some errors in English grammar. I’ve written
some sentences on the board, and each of these sentences has some kind of English error.
It might be in verb tenses, it might be in prepositions, word order, or something else. Go
through the sentence, I’ll give you a little time to look at the sentence and try to find the
mistake, and then I’ll explain the mistake, okay? Let’s get started. First one: “I have met John last year.”
“I have met John last year.” There is an error in every
one of these sentences. Do you know what the error is in the first sentence?
Any idea? Think about it. Okay. I’m going to correct it now. The error is in this part.
Because we have said “last year”, we can’t use the present perfect tense. Right
now, when we said “I have met John last year.”, it’s the present perfect tense. With present
perfect tense you can’t use a finished time. So: finished time, as in “last year”. As soon as you
use something like “last year”, “yesterday”, “last month”, “last summer”, and so on; that
means you are talking about the past or even three hours ago, which is already the past, and
that’s a finished time. When you use present perfect, you cannot use a finished time marker.
You can use an unfinished time, like “today”, “this week”, “this month”, and “this year”,
but you can’t use a finished time. If you need to mention a finished time in a sentence,
then you just go back to use the past simple tense, as we’ve done right here. I’ve taken
out the “have”, and it says “I met John last year.” Now, that
sentence is grammatically correct. Let’s look at the next one: “She’s engaged with a dentist.”
“She’s engaged with a dentist.” Take a second. You have any idea where the error is? The error is here.
It’s the wrong preposition. The preposition should be: “She’s engaged to a dentist.” We
actually say “engaged to”, “married to”. Here, the problem was with the preposition. Next one: “I must to go home now.”
“I must to go home now.” What’s wrong there? Here is the error. The error is the
fact that we don’t need to say, “I must to go”, but just, “I must
go home now.” “I must go home now.” “Must” is a modal,
just like “should”, “could”, “can”, and so on. You should be saying,
“I should go home now.”, “I must go home now.”, “I could go home now.” With all these modals,
the verb that follows should be used directly and not in the infinitive form. We don’t need
to say “I must to do something.” “I must do something”, “I must go”, “I must study”, “I
must work”, and so on. That was the error here. Next one: “She’s been in London since 5 months.”
“She’s been in London since 5 months.” Take a second. What’s
the mistake there? Now the error is over here, because we cannot
say “since 5 months”. We use “since”, plus the point in time when something happened.
If you’re giving the length of time, or the period of time, then you have to use the preposition “for”.
This part is present perfect, that’s fine. Very often with present perfect, we
do see time prepositions, like “since” and “for”, but you have to learn
how to use them correctly. Next: “My wife engineer.”
“My wife engineer.” What’s wrong with that? Well, there’re
a couple of things wrong with that. First of all, in every English sentence,
it’s very important to know that you do need to have a verb, and this sentence has no verb.
The verb in English can also be the verb “to be”, because that is a verb, but you need some verb.
Every English sentence requires a verb, so we need to add a verb here. “My wife
is…” But now, because ‘engineer’ is only singular, it’s one person, we need to add the indefinite
article, “a”. But it’s not “a” because there is an “e” here, so we actually need to add “an”.
“My wife is an engineer.” So there are a couple of grammatical points to think about
in making this a correct sentence, right? First, we had to add the verb, “is”. Next, we
had to add an indefinite article. Normally, if it was something else, like a doctor, then we
would have just said “a doctor”, “a dentist”, but because the word starts with an
“e”, we need to say “an engineer”. To improve your English, you need to do these
kinds of exercises. Go to the RESOURCES section of our website, , and download a
list of 50 of the most common grammar errors that we have listed for you there. Good luck
with your English. Thanks for watching. Learn English for free


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    1). I find the conversation engaging.
    Engaging would mean be I am very attentive, or interested.
    2). It is an active, an occupation with time.
    a). Marta is engaged with the dentist.
    b). meaning her time is being occupied with this dentist.
    c). she made an appointment, a plan to meet with the dentist, and is not available to other plans.
    e.) she is having a procedure regarding her teeth. That has to do with oral health.
    "I'm sorry, Marta is engaged with the dentist", is an appropriate application and use of the word engaged.
    3). To assume a word that has meaning of time being occupied, in interest of business, or scheduling, or personal attention.
    4). I would be annoyed at a person who takes this word out of context.
    a). My clerk answers a call from a client, and says "I'm sorry Marta is currently engaged with a dentist."
    b) does this mean I Marta, is at the dentist's office discussing marriage, or making whoopie on the dental recliner chair!
    c).My husband is engaging, my interest is in our conversation.
    d). I have an engagement at a corporate finance meeting.
    (does that assume I'm there to find a husband to engage?)
    5). An engagement to marriage, denotes, interest, time, oral hygiene, beause we were kissing alot, and since were once engaged to be married, but legally consummated, I am looking forward to the business engagement, and would like to take my husband along, after all, we are engaged still, our interest in each other we find quite engaging!
    6). Or we WERE!
    Until you posted this simple vocabulary error, with The inference I'm I'm disloyal to my husband and lead a double life, with my dentist now, no more ring, no happiness, only sorrow, my Itinerary contained ENGAGEMENTS!! How many times you engage for this marriage, everyday!
    a) you have confused my foreign born Husband!
    b). I blame your poor judgement of vocabulary, upon you.
    c.) You will be sent the attorney fees for your loose speech, causing emotional harm, and the destruction of a blissful marriage.

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