Bargaining for a Rickshaw and A First Look At Rishikesh

Bargaining for a Rickshaw and A First Look At Rishikesh

Hey everybody okay, so I’ve made it to Rishikesh. I’m in Rishikesh town right now I took the bus from the Haridwar train station here And now I just need to hop a quick Rickshaw to take me up to Laxman Jhula So I need to do a little bit of negotiating for this I’m sure. They will rarely just give me a good price. When it comes to negotiating for a Rickshaw, it’s important to actually negotiate. I talked to some locals in different cities in India and in Thailand and what happens is sometimes… It’s really loud So sometimes locals actually have trouble getting a Rickshaw To their destinations because the drivers would rather just wait for a tourist who will pay ten-twenty times the price as opposed to taking a local so Negotiating is a good thing of course we don’t want to take advantage of any Rickshaw drivers as well So what I usually do is I ask someone who’s from the city that I’m going to how much the price should be So that you know, I’m not trying to undercut anybody on price but I also don’t want a way overpay and disrupt the market as well So that’s usually what I do and luckily I found out from some of you guys out there that when I was in Mumbai I actually did get the right price for My taxi back to my hotel. I was concerned, thinking that I had way overpaid from some advice I’d gotten but turns out. I was doing well, so that’s good to know Okay, I made it into my riskshaw. I had to negotiate really hard to get this I negotiated so hard it involved geting into a rickshaw, leaving, walking down the street, using a little bit of Hindi But it all worked out, and to the point where afterwards the guy gave me like a thumbs up. I think he was impressed by my negotiating Although, honestly, I could have gotten it lower. I wound up paying 100 rupees for a ride which was the max I said in my mind that I would pay when I got here Because I’m getting a private ride as president share where they pick up other people I could have gotten it as low as like ten rupees actually But, and then for that I’d have to walk a little bit farther, and I have all my luggage and I’m tired so I don’t really want to do that So I opted to pay 100 Rupees negotiated hard, but I got my price, so I’m happy I’ve made it to the Laxman Jhula bridge, which of course means. I’m here. I’m in Laxman Jhula check it out So, things are so different now than the last time I was here. It’s now April, the end of April. The last time I was here it was in November, December. And this very bridge was covered with monkeys. They were everywhere and where kind of a menace, now Maybe I guess it’s to hot for the monkeys to just be hanging out in the sun I think it’s kind of a good thing because I was robbed by monkey on this bridge The monkey got me for two bananas and the monkey was so rude and not only did he steal my bananas But then he went just like one foot away from me and ate them in my face Cows in the road, no big deal So this is the main street in Rishikesh. There are lots of different shops, people selling things restaurants Lots of cool things to see, of course it’s India so everything that’s for sale is colorful and pretty and There’s of course tons of food and Rishikesh is known for yoga. That’s why a lot of people come here So there’s tons of Yoga teacher trainings classes and Meditation courses and all that stuff. This is definitely considered like a holy city and a big part of that too is that Rishikesh is located along the.. well in the U.S we call it the Ganges here they call it the Ganga. You can see it even across Off this, main road. There’s a little peak Where you can see down to the river so Rishikesh is a special place All right, you guys I am really proud of myself because today I was talking to this Indian guy who’s staying at my hostel and Apparently he paid 200 rupees For the rickshaw from the same place I was, from like the bus station here to Laxman Jhula. So he actually paid double what I paid, which made me feel good about my negotiating skills But it also goes to show that a tourist is a tourist in India So just because that guy was an Indian tourist, he didn’t necessarily get a better price than I did. He didn’t negotiate And also I think this actually might have been his first time in Rishikesh, whereas it was my second time I kind of, you know, know a little bit more what to do. That guy was from South India So Rishikesh, we’re up here in the North. So anyway, I was really proud of myself and proud of my negotiation skills so That’s a win A cool thing about India, and Rishikesh in particular is that not only are there foreign tourists, but there are lots of local tourists that come here as well so you’ll see people from all over when you are here All right, so this is our first look at Rishikesh stay tuned There’s a lot more to see. A lot more of India, a lot more of Rishikesh So feel free to like and share this video and subscribe so you can be sure not to miss the next one where uh I don’t know maybe we’ll get food or shopping or something, who knows There’s always something fun going on


  • Joyce Murray

    April 27, 2017

    Wow, negotiating is someting, this is good to know..

  • ekka love the life

    May 4, 2017

    nice video .You need to visit NorthEast India. its beautiful.

  • firoz ahmed Khan

    May 5, 2017

    Sister you are very beautiful enjoy your trip good luck but Take Care.

  • Anita Branison

    May 15, 2017

    I am enjoying your trip. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I get to see the world along with you.

  • Mara N

    May 26, 2017

    Just found your channel. I want to go to india so bad but I am nervous about going alone. I am so thankful for your videos and the information you are sharing. Mahalo and Aloha from Maui Hawaii.

  • Shounak Katyayan

    May 27, 2017

    Why didn't you opt for Ola or Uber?

  • Barry Rose

    May 27, 2017

    Enjoying your vlogs…I found you via Linda Roush..Jason and and I were good friends back in Junior High. Heard he was doing the same thing you are and traveling Europe. I am jealous! Thanks for providing a view into the world. Hope to see more soon.

  • sibertooth

    June 12, 2017

    you are doing great ,far better than any other foreigners (group travelers )

  • Koko Flow

    July 5, 2017

    Thank you for bringing me back to Rishikesh, Lily! It was such a great fun to meet you at the bridge and had a lovely talk about the dessert cafe' that you adored so much across the bridge somewhere in the hotel… lol How has your travels been? Are you going to be in India for a little while? I miss it so much that I am thinking to revisit again by the end of the year again! Sending you all my love! Koko x

  • ayantu oluma

    August 23, 2017

    I am a solo traveler as well and love to go to India. How many countries have you traveled so far and what do you like about India the most? Thank you for sharing.

  • InkMarks Untouched

    December 15, 2017

    giiiiirl you deserve more subscribers

  • gio ramos

    March 27, 2018

    I feel awkward saying this but that guy at 0:19 is kinda cute lol

  • Klamentyne

    April 30, 2018

    I love your videos Lillie! I wish you would mention the places you're staying at though, would be very helpful for us lot who're inspired to make the same route as you x


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