Bargain Your Way Through the Shuk

And now for our Hebrew word of the day. Open
air markets are one of the biggest staples of life in Israel and there’s nothing like
getting a good deal when you go shopping at the shuk. So today’s word is ‘mikuach’ which
means ‘bargain’ in Hebrew. Israelis are self-proclaimed bargainers and there’s nothing they’re more
proud of than cutting a good deal. That’s probably because in Israel you have to bargain
almost every day to get what you want. When you go to a market in Israel you almost never
want to accept the first price you’re offered. To some it may seem trivial to fight over
a 5 shekel difference but everybody wants to feel like they’re a winner, right? So don’t
be scared to strike a mikuach when you go shopping. Your Israeli friends will respect
you for it.

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