Bargain hunters on the prowl for Black Friday deals

in other news an estimated 164 million americans say they’ll hit the stores this weekend scenes like this are playing out across the country from Macy’s in New York to long lines in South Florida to a jam-packed parking lot right here in Dearborn Michigan bargain hunters they’re on the prowl local forager monteri is live in Auburn Hills and Germont have shoppers found any new shortcuts this year free I think people have really started using the technology before they get to the mall to find these great deals here it is 11:30 on Thanksgiving night and Great Lakes crossing they are jam-packed you know they have just more than just people out here right now I want to show you the crowds are very thick here but they we have people literally standing in lines for over an hour just to get inside the stores it’s crazy out here it’s Thanksgiving nights and the best buy in urban Hills is packed the lines are moving quick so no complaints how can they complain they chose to stand in this and hand over this all for markdown savings we did mostly buy crazy stuff online but this year this couple stocks up on TVs and more at the store how much studying did you do it this is my Google Sites right here others off to shop and pay online and just come to pick up came in no line got her purchased within another five minutes which gave her and that’s an mentioned the thousands of others enough time the driver over to Great Lakes crossing the packed parking lot outside was only an indication of the huge crowds once inside well this one is pretty fast but other stores are long like one hour two hours with prices slashed and 60% off even at high-end stores the shopping frenzy is officially part of most people’s Thanksgiving tradition and so are you walking off the turkey or what kind of we do this every year so it’s fun I don’t know and our stores are well prepared as you can see there’s a lot of lines and so there they are well staffed and they maintain their lines just to make sure that they’re given the best customer service that they can and it seems parents are training the children early as to this is how the holiday goes on this is how we shop yeah and you know there’s they had the real youngsters the young ladies that were out here the mothers brought them out because maybe the girls like to come out as more than the guys I’m stuck out here but you have to be honest it’s been a lot of fun Priya I didn’t really think that that many people will be out on Thanksgiving night but you got to work the turkey off and then look at this crowd they have another 30 minutes and they’ll close for the night and then Great Lakes crossing reopens at 6:00 a.m. sharp and they’re likely going to be pack again reporting live I’m from Ontario local four back to you sir on I’m just impressed that you were able to navigate through those crowds thanks so much I got moves thanks you’re mine

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