Auto Bidding Vs Manual Bidding On Facebook Advertising – Which One Should You Use?

you know one of the biggest questions
that I get a lot is hernán should I use manual bidding or Auto bidding on my ads
so this is kind of a secret all right so don’t tell anyone because on this video
we’re gonna talk about that hey everybody welcome to another
Facebook Ads video and we’re gonna be talking about Facebook Ads
which is completely new you know there’s no one video about no one video on
YouTube or Facebook that’s talking about Facebook Ads so this is kind of new so
we’re gonna keep talking about Facebook guys because there’s a topic that’s a
topic that you guys seems to love and really like and you are actually begging
for more Facebook Ads with you you you there’s one of you guys that keep
calling me saying oh now please make Facebook ads feed it and whatnot and
it’s kind of its kind of creepy actually so anyways I wanted to talk about
Facebook ads and the difference between manual bidding and Auto baiting when it
comes to your Facebook ads and which one you should be using they’re pending on
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so Facebook Ads and manual bidding and Auto baiting so here’s the thing
I’ve talked several times in a row I think that I’ve made like seven videos
in a row something like that telling you guys that the Facebook algorithm is
really really really intelligent once you have your pixel and once you have
your custom conversion spire or not if you do not know how to install the pixel
I will storms the chance that you visit this video right here I will show you
how to install the pixel and how to get that data fitting into Facebook with
that said you want to install the pixel as soon as possible a lot of people are
coming and saying well you know I wasn’t planning on advertising on Facebook yet
so I didn’t install the Facebook pixel I’m getting a lot of organic traffic or
I do some influencer marketing or I do some email blasts and whatnot but since
I’m not advertising on Facebook I didn’t tell who was that important but yeah it
is because you can start collecting data right away the same happens with Google
you want to solve the Google tag manager or the Google tag 404 Adwords and the
Facebook pixel as soon as you start getting some traffic on your website I
mean since min and 0 you want to get those tags and those coats in there the
reason why is because facebook will start tracking even for people that are
not on facebook they will start tracking you know all of that behavior on those
data points so that it can feed them back into the
algorithm so the reality is that there’s two main things that you can do you know
you have the auto bed which is a way of saying Facebook hey Facebook this is my
budget and I want you to find as many conversions as possible for this
specific budget and there’s the manual bid of what would be called target costs
on the the campaign’s like the actual conversion campaigns which is saying
Facebook this is what I want to pay for conversion so you get me as many
conversions as you possibly can with this budget for this specific target
cost so they’re both really a really effective approach now the reality and
the usual consensus is that manual bidding up or sorry Ola bidding is
better when you have small budgets when you want to test campaigns when you want
to test audiences and whatnot so when you’re standing out when you don’t know
what’s going to happen when it comes to you know your cost per lead or your cost
per click your cost per thousand impressions and whatnot or even if
you’re testing new angles and new creatives your pictures new videos you
want to usually go without a bed so that you can actually get people and get
facebook getting that and gathering that data and those data points so TL DR is
that Oh debates work really really well when you have slow but small budgets
when you’re trying to test it out when you’re getting your feet wet and what
you want to launch a new funnel and you do not know how it works so when you’re
testing stuff money out of bed works really really well now when let’s say
that you through Auto bidding you found a really good angle and a really good
image and then you get a really good targeting because you know that this
specific demographic is responding really really well through your audience
into to your offer so why do you do on that regard well on that regard is
usually recommended that you switch to manual bidding as long as you’re ready
to scale usually manual bidding and target cost bidding takes a takes budget
higher so the way you want to do this is you want to get your budget per ad set a
little bit higher but you want to control how many people see your ad on
how many conversions you’re getting based on their target cost so let
say that you want to pay up to $5 per lead on your webinar so that’s exactly
gonna be your target cost but you want to have the ad set but a little bit
higher so that Facebook can actually optimize and get you as many leads as
possible at that target cost now have in mind that you need to have other metrics
in place right let’s say let’s follow with the webinar example you want to
know exactly how well your webinar is converting how well how many people
you’re getting through the webinar what’s the conversion rate what’s the
maximum cost per lead that you want to chat and that you want to get or what’s
the maximum cost per acquisition meaning how much you want to pay for a customer
and this also applies for e-commerce this applies for pretty much everything
so you want to have in mind your metrics funnel wise so that you can tell
Facebook a facebook here’s a thousand dollars a day go ahead spend it and get
me as many attendees or active cards or whatever for five dollars a day
now something in between when you’re trying to migrate from one you know the
manual bit into the the target cut spinning is a manual bidding with a bit
cap you know that that’s usually kind of a middle ground between the two so it’s
still manual bidding but you’re you’re targeting you’re capping the bidding
when it comes to you know how many you want and you want to charge or get or
lead how much you want to paper leave that’s usually in between and it doesn’t
require that follow-up that you really want to be on top of your ads when you
have your manual bid but it’s not like just get loose Facebook do whatever when
it comes to your auto bit so also depending on how well and how saving you
are on Facebook you want to obtain your you want to opt for money automatic
bidding when it comes to running your Facebook ads because again when you’re
starting out and if you don’t want to you know spend a lot of time managing
your Facebook campaigns where you have a small budget that’s the way to go and if
you really want to stay on top of your game if you really want to take your
Facebook Ads pen to the next level and still be profitable manual bid is the
best way to go target cost or money or bidding they usually work really really
well now please remember that Facebook is an option so you’re actively being
bidding or you’re actively bidding against other advertisers that they are
trying to reach audience as well so the higher the
manual bit is the better placements you will get right but you need to make sure
that that manual bit makes sense with the KPS and the metrics that you have
set up for the rest of the funnel as well so there you have it guys that’s
the main difference between the two if you want to go ahead and get more
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