AUS Energy Auction Service

E-procurement with AUS using our energy auction service
delivers the lowest energy prices available. Our proprietary reverse auction and online bidding
platform makes energy suppliers compete against each other driving down
your price: for a variety of services. Complete transparency is provided as
large energy users watch the process unfold. Competition in
real time pushs suppliers to drive down prices. They know in a matter of minutes if they
will win or lose the bid right before their
eyes. But the AUS Energy Auction isn’t
just for large energy users. Small businesses can join
our commercial energy aggregation program, where suppliers bid against each
other to serve their combined energy pool. Additionally, the AUS Energy Auction service is used to competitively bid both Opt-In
and opt-out residential or commercial aggregation programs. The AUS Energy Auction service
delivers energy cost savings through competition. Contact us today and let the competition begin!

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