Auction for Normandie Panels by Jean Dupas

Auction for Normandie Panels by Jean Dupas

Nick Gray here at the Sotheby’s preview for
the auction tomorrow. I’ve kind of become an expert on these glass
things known as Normandie Panels by a guy named Jean Dupas. If you search on Google for Normandie Panels
my website is the first one that comes up and I’ve written out about the history of
them, there’s a picture of my first Met tour I featured these and I try to track down all
the current owners. Their pretty rare and yesterday nine new panels
came up for auction. This is me at Sotheby’s going on a tour to
see these panels. The owner had reached out to me through my
website months beforehand letting me know that he had these available and they were
gonna be up on auction. I went to visit them with my friend Anna who
was going to bid on them. She knows a lot about this art stuff. It’s neat how these galleries or auction house
sets up. It looks like a museum. You get to touch these things. This is another story, but the next day, yesterday,
I went to the auction. Sotheby’s is located on the upper east side. Anybody can go into these auctions as long
as you kind of look the part. This is a copy of the auction catalogue and
a lot of other things were on display. There were only 9 pieces from this one. You’ll see right there it was, there’s the
panel. Inside an auction if you’ve never been to
one, by the way, send me a message if you want to go and we’ll go check it out. It was, oh, these are people on the telephone
talking to foreign bidders. Here it came, up for display, the one. Let’s listen in. I didn’t finish it, but it sold for about
$35,000. It was intense. This is a photograph of me and the seller
and my friend Anna who won one of the panels. The Normandie Panels all come from this ship
that was made by France in the 1930’s. Amazing story, check it out! That’s it! Thanks for watching my video. If you like this, will you press the like
button? I haven’t made videos in a while and I want
to make more of them. Thanks and have a good day!

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