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hi everyone it’s Dan here from tender
ole now in this video we will be looking at assertive writing and providing a few
hints and tips regarding how best to hone your writing skills when developing
tender responses now one thing to know about tenders is how different each one
is so maybe 300 words in total some maybe 30,000 words in total it’s all down to
how the buyer wants to assess your qualitative and financial offering at
the end of the day and source the most economically advantageous tender or the
meat for short you can see our source in the meat video by clicking the link
below it was part of tenders the written word is one of the most crucial elements
upon evaluation what our team have learned through our combined experience
is that some clients are that business savvy that when it comes to writing
prose their experience with operationally focused activity doesn’t
always allow them to be wordsmiths this lack of resource skill and most
importantly time are two the main factors why bid management consultancies
exist now writing in accordance to our team is easy that’s because our team
have multiple degrees in English language literature philosophy marketing
and research to name a few we’ve learned after spending years crafting our
writing skills of how tender responses it should be answered with a common
theme being the assertive where if you haven’t put your points across in a
confident and assertive manner then why should this brief confidence with the
buyer upon evaluation a few tips include using the words we will steer away from
we can try or we aim to ensure be more assertive and say you will do this as
part of your delivery the buyer never wants a supplier to try they want them
to do now this direct and concise way of writing is much more respected by buyers
and it’s very basic another good tip we always make sure our writers are doing
is providing names with your stuff for example don’t just say our stuff we’ll
do x y&z give the confidence and clear indication of ownership you can say our
contracts manager Joe Bloggs will do X Y & Z this indicates the buyer but you
have accountable parties as part contract deliverables thirdly we always
advised to remain concise when developing content and using bullet
points is one of the best ways of doing this when doing this make sure you start
each bullet point with a power verb for example our contracts manager Joe Bloggs
will undergo implement action mobilise facilitate etc etc these words showcase
a direct approach and assertiveness in your written word now these are only a
few hints and tips that we’ve implemented over time and we’ve never
looked back if you need any support or with the way you write your content and
want to sound more confident on paper our dedicated tender consultants team are
here to help you succeed now thank you very much for watching and we will see
you in the next video we hope you enjoyed this video if you’re watching
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