Are Tenders Safe? Vacation Impossible Podcast

Are tenders safe although I guess I
should say are water taxi safe because Carnival is calling them water taxis now
but a lot of or water shuttles whatever they yeah yeah and I mean okay is it
safe now my first thought is okay if you’re a taller person sometimes there’s
a low ceiling watch your head yeah duck um but what they really were asking
is can you fall into the ocean um I hate to laugh I mean I don’t want
to I don’t make fun of again this is where common sense comes in it’s and so the
thing is like there’s staff there that are wearing personal floatation devices
you know life vests and so it’s relatively safe just follow the
instructions and listen carefully don’t have one foot on one of the the ships
either the cruise ship or the tender and the other one on the bridge for an extended
period of time always be on one with both of your feet
so you know take one quick step then the other so that you’re fully on the bridge
or fully on the ship don’t have one in each because then if they start to
separate due to the motion of the ocean you might start doing the splits and
things could get problematic 21 cruises I’ve never seen anyone fall in no
almost every cruise I’ve been on have had at least one tender port several
head multiples I’ve never even heard a story really of someone falling in I’ve
heard the odd story of like a piece of luggage falling into the water or a phone or a camera because of people dropping things people not holding on to items but never a person so I mean no
guarantees be safe you know be safe but again don’t let your fear you know hold
you back from experiences if you’re not gonna take the tender because you think
you’re gonna be the first person in like a million to fall into the ocean I think
you’re letting your fear paralyze you a little too much and the thing is
experiences broaden the mind and give you more experience and so you’ll be
able to you know adapt to different situations if you let yourself have
experiences so think about the risk of not letting yourself have the experience
because you might have learned something that could protect you in a completely
unrelated situation later so don’t don’t let fear paralyze you I guess is my
message yeah and also if you’re gonna take a picture stand up hold on to the
stanchion bar or something you know secure yourself before you take that
picture and also have a have a string or rope around your arms so wrist strap or
wrist strap to your camera or your phone yeah so that way if anything does happen
cuz it is you know quite bumpy in the waters depending on how fast the boats
going and there could be a bit of a yeah if if you find you yourself
like leaning out with your camera or whatever where the camera is above the
water yeah then ideally you should have it
secured to you in some way a simple little wrist strap you could get a GoPro
wrist strap where things fully mounted with Velcro if you like we got one of
those you know there’s different options you know or hold it securely with both
hands but that is even taking a little bit of a risk but it’s really yes more
about your property than about your person that might be at any kind of risk
and even again 21 cruises multiple ports tons of tenders I’ve never even seen
property fall in I haven’t seen so much as a hat fall in yeah I haven’t seen
sunglasses camera anything yeah so it’s just exceptionally rare occurence I
would think that we’re talking like winning the lottery
getting hit by lightening level likelihood of happening yeah so no
guarantees be safe but just don’t let it paralyze you be safe use caution and use common sense

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