Advanced Ad- Strategy Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy [2019]

Advanced Ad- Strategy Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy [2019]

Facebook Ad Scaling Strategy Facebook Ad Scaling Strategy what’s going on it’s a boy looking at it
coming back your way again it’s another lovely week and I hope that you are
gonna make this the best week ever okay so in this video I’m gonna be sharing
with you a strategy that’s kind of a follow-up to my last video where I broke
down what kind of metrics you should be looking for when you run an ad
especially on Facebook all right in this video I’m going to show you two building
strategies that I found are very very important especially if you’re about to
run traffic to benefit from the crowd and the rush of this fourth quarter of
the year so I’m gonna show you these two big strategies and for the most part
it’s kind of an advanced and anyone can use it does not matter what level you
are cuz it works just for everybody so well before I show you this dough the
last time I shared with you a free pdf where I detailed a case study of how we
were able to turn penny into profit using some very specific Facebook ad
strategy and of course I’ve included at the link below to that PDF go ahead
click on that link get the PDF and you also gonna be invited for free into my
inner circle of unlimited traffic funnel and conversion those are the three key
ingredients you need to make it online or even offline you know traffic funnel
and conversion once you click on the link below you’re gonna be taken to the
place where you putting your email I’m gonna send you the PDF and of course
you’re gonna have free invitation to my unlimited traffic
funnel and conversion mastermind but before that doubt let me go ahead and
show you this bidding strategy there I talked to you guys about so we obviously
might be my ID account and of course you guys must be familiar with this by now
this is actually just you know you such a campaign the bidding strategy is not
set at well you can set as at the campaign level but you can also set
these a particular rule at your ad set level all right so I will just keep all
of this because you guys already know all of that
so let’s come down to your ad set and particularly we come into the budget and
schedule when you come to your budget and schedule and now these are the two
kind of AD strategies I want to you guys about right depending on what
you are up to my friend it really doesn’t matter but you can set that a
bidding strategies right here so this one is called cost cap and the other one
is called bead cap so what is the difference between these two bidding
strategy alright the cost cap really is saying
and of course each of them will tell you that best for getting the most volume
this one is talking about best for controlling beats in the auction I’ll
tell you guys I will explain it to you guys and I’ll let you guys know which
one I really prefer right so cost cap is really saying say for instance and you
wanna you run an ad and of course you have you know you know your a or V which
is which is your average order value because we’d be which is cost per
acquisition right or cost per you know ad pay or whatever you want to call it
right so that’s just mean that means basically that is how much you want to
give Facebook to give you a particular conversion so let’s say for instance our
CPA is $25 and we want for every customer that we are able to convert to
wanna pay $25 if we choose the cost cap all right and let’s assume we choose our
you know our budget over here to be our daily budget over here to be say $30
right and we’re doing the cost cap so that simply means that facebook we’re
going to the auction you know our bid for lead for you and each bead will not
come in at the same at the same amount what I’m trying to say is this so let’s
say you want to CPA to be $25 and you using the cost cap you might get a
conversion that is just $10 all right and you might get another conversion
there is gonna be $40 now at this point you’ve gotten two conversions and the
boats even out to be 25 25 because you’ve specified that you want your CPA
to be $25 so you might get one that is lower you get another one that is high
and if you’re not someone who has a deep pocket and you’re doing a lot of volume
this cannot you know this can kind of throw you off a little bit and it can
also throw you off it can also throw all your budget if
care is not taken so it’s usually for those big brand that have enough money
to spend I mean eventually sticking or even ought
to be the same thing but if you if you’re CPS $50 for instance and someone
is coming in at $10 another one might go ahead and come in for $40
so you just trying to even out the price for that you’re paying for each
conversion unlike bit cap bit cap is just saying okay so this is my CPA my
CPS $10 face book give me customer for $10 and I do not want to spend more than
$10 this allows you to control your budgets way better than cost cap like I
said cost cap is powerful it’s awesome if you want volume and of course you
have your data you understand your data to some certain extent and you
understand you’re better to a point where by the end of the day you can
actually nearly done and see how much you’re spending you know on average
because this we just average out whatever you know the CPA or the cost
per lead comes in it’s not going to be the same for each of them but we’re
still even out to be the same thing at the end of the day which again if you do
not have someone you know putting your data together for you you don’t have the
time or the patience or the knowledge to understand how this works he may throw
you off so for that reason if you have small budgets you might just want to go
with big cap well you’re just gonna say okay since 2010 a lot of $20 a day and I
want my I’m gonna do the big cap all right I want my I don’t want it to be
more than five dollars right so I’m saying I want a big cap and I do not
want it to be more than $5 for each and every bit so this allows you to really
control your budget I hope you guys understand it and if you don’t
understand you just go ahead just send me a message below and of course I’ll be
more than happy to answer your question again is the cost cap gives you volume
but eventually the the price or the amount of your pain is going to be even
out but each cost each each conversion with each conversion or lead will not
come in at the same price but for bid cap it’s conversional it will come in at
the same price which would be the price that you’ve set if you do in ten dollars
a day and he said well I want each bead I mean each lead I do not want it to be
more than five dollars damage you’re gonna get about four of them in a day
and you can easily look at your data and say okay so I
for lead and it cost me just $20 you know to get those four leads and that’s
just as simple as a that’s just how simple it is all right we still have
questions guys send me a message below and I’ll be more than happy to help you
alright well you guys have a lovely week and keep selling before you’re sold all
right that’s all about it sweets as far as a bit cap and of course the cost cap
is concerned if you still have questions like I told you in that video go ahead
and send me a message below and do not forget to subscribe to this channel and
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penny into profits using only Facebook ad we’re able to go from just one
thousand dollars to about five hundred thousand dollars within six to seven
months and I detailed each and every step body of this strategy in the free
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going to come in your way we have questions hit me up and of course I’ll
be more than happy to ask your question adios

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