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Accredited Investors Paid Double Today’s Prices: 50% Bargain Discount To Intrinsic Value! Welcome one and
all to looking at the markets with David Moadel I am super excited about the
cannabis industry and cannabis stocks I think they can be a great buy and whole
type of investment it’s great for traders and investors and I’m excited
about 2019 and what that markets going to look like and I’ve got a very special
guest with me to talk about his future outlook for the cannabis industry and
where it’s going to go possibly in 2019 he is mr. Alex Coleman CEO and
co-chairman of tilt Holdings Inc located on the web at tilt holdings dot-com mr.
Coleman thank you so much for joining me today on looking at the markets great
thank you for having me yeah I’m very excited about this and if you couldn’t
tell already I’m excited about the cannabis community and the industry it
is man what a great year it’s been 2019 2018 was a blockbuster year in terms of
news manuchehr of anti cannabis Attorney General Jeff Sessions you’ve got three
new states legalizing in the United States of course you’ve got Canada
starting on October 17th legalizing with the with Bill c-45 for all adults
throughout Canada and now you’ve got scooting I’ve got the farm bill which
legalizes hemp on the federal level in the United States our will as soon as
it’s signed by President Trump what is the significance of the farm bill to the
cannabis industry as a whole in your opinion the impact on the cannabis
industry is yet to be determined the farm bill really addresses CBD from
hemp as long as it has less than 0.3 percent THC interestingly hemp and
marijuana are both cannabis sativa plants it’s the composition of the CBD
and THC as part of that cannabinoid profile
that distinguishes the two from each other I think what’s gonna happen is you
know people will adopt CBD it is a naturally-occurring
anti-inflammatory it’s ideal for athletes it’s ideal for rheumatoid
arthritis it probably has health benefits beyond
that but you know you have to acknowledge that we’ve been in a long
period with basically a medical blackout since 1970 and so I view it as a really
great step that’s already been as you pointed out it has been a very exciting
year there’s been a lot of states that have adopted laws both medical and Rec
and I think is the consumer becomes more educated about the product whether they
just start with CBD at least it’ll broaden the opportunity for us to
address the market with new products and new deliveries with new consumers and
the farm bill the farm bill obviously helps the farmers to I mean you can’t
sure you know up until now it’s been illegal to grow hemp and now it explodes
for for an opportunity crop opportunity for farmers absolutely
the farm bill is just one in a series of exciting developments what developments
do you possibly foresee happening in 2019 can we possibly top 2018 next year
in the cannabis markets I think we’ll definitely thought we were we already
are I mean it’s it’s Massachusetts when track protocol got elected in Illinois
he wants to go rec there you know III think the accelerating conversion of
states from no program to medical and then from medical to rec will happen
very quickly if you look at the timeline I mean it really is amazing to think
from 1970 to 1996 politicians dictated to a limited number of people who were
ill how they could get access to cannabis and in 1996 California broke
the mold you know that 26 years later now another 20 years took place before
or a little last about 18 years before Colorado went recreational and what
we’re seeing is that a rec market is exactly the consumer once they don’t
need to interact with a doctor you get a proliferation of products you address a
mass market and we’re seeing all these incredible benefits declining alcohol
consumption declining opiate use you know and III think it’s gonna be
explosive and I don’t think anybody could foresee that we’d have be sitting
edited with 33 states and well over 200 million people over two-thirds of the
country now the population has access to canvas I
mean who would have thought that two or three years ago it’s incredible to think
about I ever imagined when I was young that this would happen and here we are
and we’re well on our way to I believe a federal legalization in America I think
it’s only a matter of time could happen 2019 2020 when it happens it happens but
man those the industry and the stocks within though within that industry I
think will explode to the upside even before that happens though now I wanted
to talk about tilt tilt Holdings Inc if people want to visit your company and
find out what your company is all about they can go to tilt holdings calm I
highly recommend that I’m going to put that link in the description below this
video so people can just click on that and if they’re interested in getting
into the stock on in Canada it is ticker symbol tilt TI LT easy to remember right
and then in America you can get the over-the-counter version it is ticker
symbol s VV t F now what differentiates tilt from the other cannabis companies
out there the you know people have heard about other cannabis stuff and they’ve
seen them explode I believe tilt could be the next one
what makes tilt unique as a company compared to the others so the biggest
difference is tilt is has a as both multinational but also has a variety of
competencies all of which service the cannabis industry so I think the larger
peer group in the United States are largely focused on operating retail
stores and in the beginning that revenue will be substantial but on the back end
of that it doesn’t it lacks a real strategy in the market I the hope I’m
sure is that every can engage with consumers but with a physical
brick-and-mortar presence you know you’re limited to some Geographic radius
around that store what makes it tilt so unique is that we’re really a multi
service provider to the industry we’re largely a b2b company so we definitely
have multi-state operations currently in about seven states where we manufacture
and produce cannabis products distribute them put them on the Shelf of our stores
and other people’s shelves we have a very
big software and services platform and our market share there is the largest in
the industry as far as I know we’re one out of every three dispensaries use our
software and services platform for CRM SAS in terms of distribution we have
ubiquitous distribution in Nevada a big big inroads in California we’ve got
about half a dozen states we’ll be in by the end of the first quarter and we
really want to provide an unbroken chain of product and delivery from the
manufacturer to the store and the store to the consumer and we’ve already built
that Network so in a way Tilt has become an amalgamation of the market leading
companies in their specific segment and then they all overlap very nicely and
that’s what the company is today so we have consumer packaged goods and we have
consumer devices at the end of the days those go on the back of our trucks and
they get delivered to the stores that everybody else the biggest difference is
we’re not bound or limited by the number of stores we have that we own directly
deal we’ve accessed over a thousand stores already that’s an impressive
network what I like about tilt among other things is that it is vertically
integrated it’s a dynamic vertically integrated technology and infrastructure
company so it’s not just dispensaries it’s much more than that how in a few
words would would you be able to describe how tilt creates shareholder
value for investors in the stock yeah absolutely we look at value creation on
three ways so your app server teqi integrated and the reason we’re
vertically integrated is that in the new medical states there is no source supply
and what you want to do is you want to establish a an operation in a state that
is medical and the hope is or the expectation is that that medical state
converts the recreational and the supply demand curves invert themselves and for
some period of time there’s a lot a lot of demand and not a lot of supply excuse
me and and a tremendous amount of demand and we try and satisfy that demand as
much as we can and so that’s kind of value proposition number one and you
know in some of these new states you’re talking between three and six thousand
dollars a pound retail for marijuana now phase two is definitely to create brand
identity and customer loyalty and that’s where I said we have the route
market to make that happen and then step three for us that’s completely unique is
creating a software services platform that enables the entire industry to
scale up now and the reason we do that is today with just a few states that are
online you know you’re coming out of a 2017 number with about nine billion
dollars in trailing revenue and if you look at the data coming out of a state
like Colorado it should be a hundred billion dollar market and that lines up
with the beer markets about 111 billion in the US but that is absolutely the
average annual spend per resident Colorado would dictate that it’s a
hundred billion dollar annual market if every market went recreational and so if
that means ninety billion dollars is online yet we’re gonna try and capture
as much of that as we can and that’s where the real value is going to come
from and for our company and for our shareholders yeah and personally I’m
viewing tilt as a possible even takeover target or perhaps just target for
capital infusion we’ve seen massive capital infusions from the beer industry
from the cigarette industry which in the United States those two industries are
not doing that great they see the CEOs and presidents of
these cigarette and beer companies they see that cannabis is the way of the
future you know Millennials for example they’re
not drinking you know beer and using cigarettes as much as they used to they
love cannabis CBD hemp products and so they they could view this as a new the
next takeover target in 2019 wouldn’t surprise me at all
and speaking of possible good news here’s something that’s huge huge huge I
just read this today as breaking news Canaccord Genuity a well-respected
analyst gave a huge bullish outlook just recently on tilt they’re projecting
their price target is $6 Canadian which would be more than double the
current price the Canadian price of tilt Holdings Inc that’s that’s huge that’s a
huge vote of confidence from a well-respected analyst what is your
obviously he would agree on the bullish outlook but six dollars Canadian do you
think that’s realistic and that could happen in 2019 yeah so we’ve
we’ve shared our internal data with Canaccord and they have looked at the
growth opportunities for the company they’ve come up with a revenue number of
about four hundred and sixty million dollars with just shy of one hundred and
fifty million dollars of Eva da which is about a thirty to thirty three percent
even down margin and that’s a mix of business for us where in terms of the
states that were in selling cannabis products we enjoys 50 percent Eva Dom
margins on the device side it’s slightly lower it’s about twenty one point six
percent so you’re looking at a blended average of IVA table but you know those
forecasts and that that correlation to our share price is something that we
would adopt as a company and and we feel very bullish about the outlook for 2019
we also agree you know at the funny it’s a takeover target you know we’re really
aggravating right now in the industry we’ve set our company up where we can be
very flexible accommodating new companies that have distinguished
themselves as market leaders and so while Altria and constellation of combin
and i would agree with you it’s very defensive we’re also talking to some
companies more proactively looking at getting in the market that are more
filling about the upside than worrying about their own downside so I think we
have a lot of opportunities in our own company and in the market and hopefully
the alignment with strategic investors is the same way for us and as my viewers
and listeners probably know already when a smaller company gets targeted by a
bigger company for share acquisition or take over buyout whatever it is if
you’re holding the stock already it usually explodes to the upside it
usually you make a huge returns on that very quickly so but the idea is to get
in before that happens okay you don’t want to be the last one to the party
mr. Coleman I appreciate your time today is there anything else you want to say
to the audience of looking at the markets in regards to your outlook for
cannabis in 2019 and for Tilt Holdings no I I appreciate the time in the
exposure look we’re we’re in the middle of first inning in a long long game and
there is so much excitement going on in the industry it’s growing faster than
anybody expected as we’ve talked about the adoption rate is higher
consumers are changing their minds rightly it is absolutely nutraceutical
functional product and I think has a lot of opportunity that we haven’t even
scratched the surface on yet so we’ve really built a company to try and build
up a knowledge base of of 50 years of medical blackout by hiring scientists
bringing people out from outside and consumer packaged goods and really in an
effort to connect with a consumer and deliver something that’s very high
efficacy but also more aligned with customers in health and wellness so that
we see only upside in the market and we’ve just gotten going so it’s gonna be
a very exciting time for everybody I totally agree I’ve been speaking with
Alex Coleman from tilt Holdings Inc if you want to learn more about them go to
tilt holdings com I’m going to put that link in the description below this video
check out the stock if you want a company that is under the radar for now
but won’t be in my opinion for much longer you want to be early you don’t
want to be the last one to invest in it mr. Alex Coleman we’ll have to have you
back here sometime soon to check up on your predictions and my predictions
which are very bullish for cannabis in 2019 thank you Alex Coleman I appreciate
you welcome back anytime on looking at the markets great thank you very much
for having me

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