7 Card Stud Poker : Bidding in Seven Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud Poker : Bidding in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com, we’re talking about 7 card stud. In this session, I’m going
to talk about the betting of the game. You’re going to get your first 2 cards and then the
1 card up. Excuse me. Before any of that happens, you’re going to place an ante. Everybody at
the table places an ante. Then you get your first 2 cards and 1 up. The lowest card at
the table is going to lead the bet. This is a limit game so you can’t push all your chips
in at one time. The bets are set in increments, and for the sake of this video we’re going
to go with 2 for, which is the lowest standard limit game that you will find in the casino.
The lowest card at the table is going to have to put their 2 dollars in and then it’s up
to the person next to them to act. They can either call the 2 dollars or they can raise
to 4 dollars or they can fold their hand. It’s up to them and it goes all the way around
the table until it’s complete, and then you get another card. That’s going to be your
4th card, otherwise known as 4th street. Again, the person that had that lowest card originally
will start the betting. At this point they can either bet or check. Checking means that
they don’t place any bet. Betting means that they’re betting and they’re starting it off
at 2 dollars. It’s going around the table once again and then it’s coming to the 5th
card. At this point, we’re up in the betting to 4 dollars and we’re going around the table.
You can raise at any point. It just keeps going round and round until there’s only a
certain amount of players left. Then you go to the next card, which is 6th street. It
goes around again with the betting with the 4 dollars. You can raise to 8, you raise to
13, you can raise to 16. It has to be in 4 dollar increments. Then it’s the last card.
Once again, you’re doing it with the 4 dollar betting. 4, 8, 12, 16, or you can fold, check,
or raise or bet. It all depends on the situation. Well this has been betting. This is how you
bet on 7 card stud, and thank you for watching.

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