25 Preposition Mistakes Made by Finns (with subtitles)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to ‘English Tips for Finns’ and this is video number 14. OK, so today I’m going to talk about prepositions. Prepositions are difficult for English language learners everywhere in the world – not just for Finns – but they might be particularly difficult for Finns because you have so few of them in the Finnish language…and you have a few of them actually. A lot of Finns think ther are no prepositions in Finnish, but there are. So ‘ilman’ ‘ennen’… those are two examples of common prepositions. One very important thing about prepositions: They are important of course and you should try to master them. They’re everywhere in the language. But usually when you make a preposition mistake, it’s small and it doesn’t change the meaning so much, and native English speakers are used to hearing them. It shouldn’t stop you from being brave and from speaking. The way I’m going to do this is the way I usually do it. I’m going to show you some sentences. You should pause the video and you should think about what the answer might be and you should compare those answers to the answers I give in the slides that follow this slide. OK, so there are 25 sentences in all covering two slides, and please be aware that some of these don’t take prepositions at all…so you have to realize that as well. The usual stuff — so if you liked the video, I hope you’ll click on the thumbs up below. I hope you will consider subscribing to my channel. I have a course called ’50 Common English Mistakes Made by Finns’, and if you follow the link in the description box below you’ll get half off the course– so it’ll cost ten euros. Also, I have a Twitter feed, so you can follow me on Twitter. One other thing which is very important: So if you have any ideas, any tips, any problems that you have with English, please write them in the comments below and I will really, really try my best to address them. That’s it. Thank you for watching and see you next time.

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