1897 Indian Head Cent MS65 Red Land of Coins Auction

1897 Indian Head Cent MS65 Red Land of Coins Auction

I’m on Land of Coins right now. I want to show you another coin that’s available at auction right now. I’m on the Coin
History Value Guides page. This is where you can see values of coins
throughout the decades and how they’ve gone up in value. We’ll go to auctions and
then we’re going to go to Small Cents because there’s a Indian Head Cent. I’d
like to show everybody, look at this it’s a 1897 Indian Head Cent MS65 in
Red, it’s a true Red Indian Cent. So no toning and it’s the original color.
We’ll take a look at the coloring of it. Look at the vibrancy MS65 1897.
Very cool coin. So for those of you like Red color Indian Head Cents. That means
there’s been no toning to the coin, it’s the original color. Exactly like it was when it came out of the mint. You’re going to love this coin. We’ll go check
out the back of it oh it looks like the tag was a bit pulled off, but that’s okay
still see the hologram there. Very cool coin, something to look at. Do you like
Red coins? The population on this coin is very low. It’s graded by NGC. So we can go over to NGC website and check out the
population. So I’ll show you how to do that. Go to NGC the census. They do
world coins, but we’re looking at United States. We’ll go to that, and we are at
cents. Look at Indian Cents right here. I will just scroll down to 1897 and as it populates. There we go 1897 MS65 right here. So it looks like there was in Red, not Brown, see the difference here.
Brown means it toned a lot, there’s no more Red color, copper color on the coin
it’s Brown. There’s Red Brown which is a mix. I kind
of like those two because I like the contrast between the Red and Brown. But
the Red is perfect just like it was minted the first day. You notice there’s
only 31 that have been graded by NGC so not many at all have been graded MS65
in Red. And because of that, it is a fairly expensive coin. I will go
back to the auction here, you can see it’s about $1,100. I checked the book values on a Red MS65 and Book value was showing about $1,300 or so. So still a good deal to buy it now for $1,100., that is definitely a
beautiful coin. So this is on Land of Coins com. It’s a rare coin auction site. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where you can buy and sell your coins with no buyers fees
and no sellers fees. It’s only $15. a month. So go to Land of Coins com and buy and sell as many coins as you want, only $15. a month! So thanks for
watching this video!

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